Holcim Mexico is leading the way towards circular construction

Holcim Mexico has launched its ECOCycle® technology, which recycles demolition and construction materials into new solutions. This model seeks sustainability by reducing the use of natural resources, and the decarbonization of the industry. This way, these materials are incorporated into various types of applications, including low-carbon cement, road construction aggregates and ready-mix concrete, reducing the carbon footprint without compromising the performance.

Today, the world is building the equivalent of New York City every month, all driven by the increasing population and urbanization. Because of this, it is essential to stay within the boundaries of the planet while at the same time building to improve living standards for everyone.

Every year billions of tons of demolition materials for construction are generated around the world. Holcim’s vision is to build something new from the old, separating the economic growth from the resource use with its patented ECOCycle® circular technology platform.

With this project, Holcim leads the transition towards a more sustainable construction, transforming challenges into opportunities through innovation and circularity. Likewise, the company became the first company in Mexico and Latin America to offer to the market premixed concrete with recycled aggregates. The Arvide, Naucalpan, Xalostoc and Iztapalapa plants have successfully developed this technology, creating a portfolio of concrete products that incorporate recycled materials.

Manuel Sirtori, Director of Concrete and Aggregates at Holcim Mexico, stated that for Holcim circularity is the future of construction and that they are delighted to present ECOCycle®, as it allows them to build cities by recycling demolition materials, ensuring that nothing is wasted.

For the company, the circular technology platform is fundamental to its commitment to circular construction, managing to efficiently distribute, process, crush and recycle construction demolition materials into new construction solutions.

A major opportunity to accelerate the shift towards a circular economy lies in how construction and demolition materials are processed. Construction and demolition activities generate millions of tons of waste each year around the world.

A global circular economy can reduce the materials that are extracted and used, making human activity more compatible with the planet. At Holcim, circularity is at the heart of everything they do, as part of their goal towards net zero emissions.

All products containing ECOCycle® incorporate between 10% and 100% recycled construction demolition materials. Innovative solutions include smart recycling centers to collect, sort and distribute materials, as well as digital technologies that efficiently map and manage material flows.

At Holcim, almost 8.4 million tons of construction demolition materials were recycled in 2023 and they aim to reach at least 10 million tons by 2025.

Holcim’s commitment to a sustainable construction is very visible around the world. In France, the first 100% recycled building is being built using Circular ECOCycle® technology.

Holcim México, as part of the Holcim Group, a leader in construction materials and solutions, produces and markets cement, ready-mixed concrete, aggregates (gravel and sand), waterproofing and other high-quality construction products and services.

The company has nationwide 7 cement plants, 1 grinding plant, 70 ready-mix concrete plants, 39 cement distribution centers, 7 geo-cycle platforms, 3 aggregates plants, 2 chemical product distribution plants, 1 Technological Innovation for Construction (CITEC in Spanish) and more than 2,300 points of sale throughout the country.